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Hunting dogs appeared at our home more than 25 years ago.

 Those with pedigree have been with us since 1990. The first was Fama z
Ponieca- German Shorthaired Pointer. It was a beautiful bitch with wonderful character. She had two litters and from the second one we kept a dog- Nil - who accompanied us from 1996 till 2008. That was a dog… With a strong character and a great passion for hunting. He filled our life with joy, being a lovely, temperamental animal. Nil retrieved many birds in his intensive and too short life



 Meanwhile we got another dog- a wire-haired dachshund Gem Canis Venator alias Gucio. He proved himself as a hunter in a forest and a fan of sofas at home. Unfortunately, he is no longer with us either- must be wandering through the hunting lands with Nil, Fama, Dandi and Tutsi

With Nil we were hunting birds, with Gucio we used to go to hunt in the woods but we started dreaming of a real dog for hunting boars. The hunting ground had changed – there were less small fair game and more and more boars.
During the dogs exhibitions and competitions for hunting dogs ( I am a judge in the contests for hunting dogs ), we were observing many races. Finally, the decision was taken – the Polish Hunting Dog, beautiful and polish breed.
That is how Asanka po Zbóju – a bitch from first coupling of Akord Cnotliwy Nos and Salwa Herbu Odyniec- started to live with us.
Asanka, at home Zuza, has shown a hunting passion from the very beginning. Her first boar she traced and slandered being not even one year old.
At the moment Zuza is a very titled dog with an amazing silhouette, perfect psyche and, above all, a great friend and irreplaceable helper of a hunter.
In march 2010 we got a second Polish Hunting Dog- Kurdesz Wiślański Trop.
In September 2010, Asanka had her first puppies and that is how the ASANEGRA FCI pedigree breeding started to exist.
At the end of this year we are planning the second litter in our breeding.
We warmly invite you to visit both our website and breeding because The Polish Hunting Dog is a great, worth knowing race